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Dec 12, 2017

Aswan Morris (Regional Director — Manhattan) is on the show to finish a conversation about building Young Life's future by looking closely at three pages from the past. The second installment of this episode includes a new special (surprise) guest of honor — someone who made history in Young Life and honored God in a way you do not want to miss. This episode concludes our investigation of Jeff Chesemore's Made For This, a book about Young Life. Here's to the next chapter in 2018, written by you. We're @younglifepod.

Dec 12, 2017

Jeff Chesemore’s (Senior Editor) book Made For This is packed with the radical history of Young Life. Today, Aswan Morris (Regional Director — Manhattan) joins the show to discuss how the past helps us build the future, including a drop in with a very special (surprise) guest of honor, straight from the pages of history. We’re @younglifepod. 

Nov 28, 2017

Instead of seeking balance, Kristy Fox (Regional Director — South Coast Region) creates margins in her life. Her experiences as a leader, a woman, and a mother in ministry allow us to hear a perspective becoming an organization where men and women are 'better together', and presents the opportunity to discuss how we might accomplish that goal mission-wide. We’re @younglifepod on your favorite social media channel. 

Nov 21, 2017

Whose responsibility is it to start Young Life in places it doesn't exist? Upon investigating, we found the answer in an unexpected place. Join us in a conversation with Scott Berg (Regional Director — Moutain State Region) and a few special guests, as Young Life tackles what some call 'forgotten places' — we're @younglifepod, and we have a short newsletter. Keep pioneering! 

Nov 7, 2017

Andre went to camp, but remembers nothing about it. This week, we explore why by diving into the generational effect of YoungLives with Veroinca Tutaj (YoungLives Divisional Coordinator, South Central), and some very special guests. We're @younglifepod if your tweeting/instagramming. Sign up here for more info. PS — Lebron or Jordan?

Oct 31, 2017

Did you enjoy your middle school years? For most, this time period gets a bad rap. Julie Clapp (Mission Director of WyldLife), however, has a different vision for what comes after elementary school and before high school. She has hope, and so can you. We're @younglifepod if your tweeting/instagramming. Sign up here for more info.

Oct 24, 2017

L.A. is warm, and warm is the new cool. This week, we journey to the Greater L.A. Young Life Summit (#LAYL17), with an interview from one of the keynote speakers, Dr. Kara Powell (Fuller Youth Institute.) Check out Dr. Powell's work here, including her most recent book, Growing Young, and another, Sticky Faith. Hit us up: @younglifepod.

Oct 17, 2017

Do you build community the summer staff way? How do summer staff coordinators do what we all try to do everyday? Today, we take a dive into the world of summer staff with Josh Griffin (VP— Strategy), Anneke Brown (RD— Capital Region), and a 'guinea pig' named Luke Waltermire (Volunteer Leader— George Mason University), fresh off a recent stint on a summer staff crew. We're @younglifepod, and today use #IdidSummerStaff if you have your own reflections.

Oct 10, 2017

Carolina Pujol (Regional Director— Patagonia) brings her rich perspective on life, leadership, and Young Life. She proposes the simplest, but most profound question, one you might consider today— ‘Why not me if He called me?’ We’re @younglifepod.

Oct 3, 2017

A ‘fireside chat’ with our president, Newt Crenshaw, including reflections on this ‘freshmen’ year, early wins in the Forward movement, actively shaping Young Life’s culture, and his willingness to take a hit, if necessary. We’re @younglifepod on twitter/instagram. You can contribute to the show by joining our newsletter, where you’ll be prompted to share your ideas/comments/stories! Keep pioneering

Sep 26, 2017

Annie Udell (ARD— Chiacgoland Region) joins the show to discuss Young Life's radical camping experience, including what made her summer at Clearwater Cove feel like 'home'. Then, Chad Sievert (VP— Camping), discusses camping's 2017 impact, some radical behind the scenes camping practices you can apply anywhere, and the ongoing efforts around the world from his team to give everyone a chance to be welcomed home at one of our camps. Hit us up @younglifepod.

PS — You, too, can build a cairn.

Sep 19, 2017

Ken Tankersley (SVP— Global Innovation & Training) knows we are made for this, but are we ‘built’ for this? That requires life on life training, a posture of innovation, and focus on some key roles in the mission. You can hit us up on Twitter & Instagram (@younglifepod), and contribute to the show by joining our newsletter.  

Sep 12, 2017

Owen Apfel's Young Life leaders saw him not as someone to do ministry to, but with. The result? He made history in the mission of Young Life, but really, his story has just begun. In this episode, we consider the beautiful and effective results of working to ensure adolescents of every ethnicity, gender, and ability can see themselves on stage, represented in leadership. You can hit us up on Twitter & Instagram, and contribute to the show by joining our newsletter, where’ll you’ll be prompted to share your ideas/comments. 

Sep 6, 2017
After a few introductory remarks, Donna Hatasaki debuts The Young Life Podcast with a masterful discussion on prayer, including a compelling encouragement to sustain our mission with an engine of silence and solitude with God. We're @younglifepod on Twitter & Instagram. You can contribute to the show by joining our newsletter, where you’ll be prompted to share your ideas/comments!